Interview Miguel Margarido

Afgelopen zomer hebben we een Portugese schaker mogen verwelkomen. Miguel is een ambitieuze speler die wat toe kan voegen aan onze sterkste teams. Lees het interview hieronder om kennis met hem te maken!

Welcome to HMC!
Thank you for your interest, I am very pleased to meet you all and join the club.

What do you do in your daily life? What is the reason you came to live in the Netherlands?
I am a mechanical engineer currently working at ASML and living in Eindhoven. I decided to move to the Netherlands to pursue an international career and because of the facilities that exist in traveling from the center of Europe to elsewhere.

Me playing in Széchenyi Thermal Bath – Budapest, 2016

Why did you decide to join HMC Den Bosch?
In my first year here I represented Eindhovense Schaakvereniging, but because of the pandemic the level of activity reduced significantly due to the relatively high average age of the members. I decided to look for alternatives and HMC Den Bosch was an obvious one. Not only because it is a strong team, but also because Twan Burg was a known name to me since he played with my close portuguese friend GM Jorge Ferreira, back in 2017/2018 in the Belgium league. We are the same age, we grew up together in Porto and still these days we spend many hours debating several openings, sharing new ideas, preparing for tournaments, analyzing our own games and speaking about the 64 squares.

Are you family of Ricardo E Margarido, participant of World Championship U18 Antalya 2009?
As far as we know our family tree, we are not! But it is an interesting question because our surname is very rare. He is the only “Margarido” I know that does not belong to my family. Of course that especially in our boyhood that led to some funny stories. Since I came later, I cannot recall how many times I was wrongly called “Ricardo”. These days unfortunately he is a bit distant from the boards, so the responsibility is on my shoulders 🙂

Could you share a highlight of your chess career so far?
I believe the best is yet to come, but I can share a couple of important achievements. In 2014 I was the Portuguese Youth Champion under 20. In 2016 I won the Portuguese University Champion (both individual and teams). In 2018 I joined the Portuguese Masters, a round-robin with the 10 higher FIDE rating players from Portugal, I was the underdog and I managed to get third place. Recently in 2019 I led my team in Portugal, as first board, to ascend to the I division which is one of the strongest european competitions. An achievement that we pursued for several years. Also as a coach I am proud of two things: The increase in strength of several students which resulted in many titles in the youth championships and the enthusiasm and passion I was able to wake up for those who followed me.

What is your ambition in chess (or: What do you like about playing chess)?
I want to reach the 2200 rating points in the short term, but my main goal is to become a FIDE master. In my youth I spent more hours than what I should studying chess openings. Still these days, although I am redirecting my focus due to my concrete goals, I get extremely excited when I have a new idea to play or when a new important opening DVD or book is out. As a chess player, although I am 26 years old, I look like an old guy playing. I like the beauty of simple positions where the players fight strategically speaking and where details matter the most. On the other hand, I try to avoid uncontrolled positions that are hard to access.

What are your main hobbies next to chess?
I like to play football and padel with friends, go to the gym and do sports in general. Moreover, I like to travel, to spend time learning new things, and to discuss all kinds of topics such as economy, politics, psychology and football.

Who is your favorite Portuguese soccer player of the Premier League?
I was very sad when Rúben Neves left Porto to go to Wolverhampton.

What do you think of PSV Eindhoven?
I like them and I see many similarities with F.C.Porto actually, which I support. A club founded in an industrial city with passionate fans and without fear of anyone.

Ik heb Miguel ook gevraagd enkele partijen te sturen. Dat hij sterke spelers kan verslaan zagen we al in de XXL teambattle. In lange partijen had hij ook al enkele IMs (Iberische Meesters) verslagen.

Thanks Miguel for your answers, and we hope to see you soon for some real chess!

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